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What Type of Bride are You?

One of my favourite books on weddings is aptly named 'Vera Wang on Weddings' where she describes 7 types of brides. An all time favourite, I highly recommend this book to every bride or anyone working within the wedding industry. Here is my summary of those types of brides, as outlined by the goddess herself 'Vera Wang'.

Which one are you?


The traditional bride has a love of the old and style which trumps trends. She evokes a timeless beauty, playing to her strengths and knowing how to turn her flaws into her best advantages. The traditional bride exudes confidence and an effortless elegance and grace.



The Romantic bride, is driven by ideals and the emotions of the world around her. She embraces her own femininity and the revels in the affection shown to her by those around her. Love and Beauty are the driving forces behind her wedding planning.



A creed to live by "less is always more', the minimalist bride looks for simplicity and order. The chaotic nature of a wedding day can be overwhelming, so the minimalist bride will look for ways to make her functional easy and aesthetically serene and calm. Echoing her nature but underpinned by extreme confidence.



The direct opposite of the minimalist bride, the Exhibitionist is driven by the ethos that "it's never too much". More is More, and that is great. A bride wants to be the centre of attention, and the exhibitionist is the ultimate epitome of attention. Be it by show of an extravagant wedding dress, decor, food or experience, she wants her guests to gasp for air at every corner.



The sensualist bride is all about experiencing pleasure on every level. She feels comfortable in her own skin, and delights in the gaze of others. Vera Wang describes her as the 'quintessential courtesan'.



The modernist bride is always looking to the present for inspiration, and can be somewhat daring to push the boundaries. Screaming with sophistication the modernist bride knows how to bridge function, form and concept. Always the intellectual amongst her peers, and the ultimate non conformist.



For the Individualist bride, the yearn for self expression is at the forefront of her priorities. You can spot the individualist bride wearing a coloured or flowered wedding dress, something unusual, something unconventional. Highly creative, an individualist wedding promises to be unique.

So which one are you? .go onto my instagram page @desireeanorth and slide into my DMs and let me know. I am curious to see which one you most assimilate to.

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Much Love,

Desiree xxx


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