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a Fine Art wedding photographer. Capturing weddings across the UK, France & Italy.

To a little girl, it was wondrous growing up around cameras with my father being a wedding photographer.  I still treasure that magical feeling of  going to a wedding and assist my dad, even it was just to carry a reflector.  

When my dad passed away, some of his couples, upon hearing the news of his passing, reached out to me and praised him so much, and remarked how they treasure their wedding photos to this day.  

This is when it really hit home, and realised that this is what I also wanted to do with my craft. I wanted to impact people's lives in a positive way, I wanted to gift people with a truly meaningful experience.  

This is why I value above all else, the connection I foster with my couples. To me, they are people I want to serve fully and everything I do within my photography experiences, I do it to better their lives, be it by reassuring them that I'll help them feel at ease in front of the camera, up to creating genuine authentic memories. 


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These are all the things that makes my heart sing.  Do we share any? 

🌿  My cats  Moomin, Luna & dog Stella

 🌿   A cup of tea in the garden


 🌿  Nature walks

 🌿  Fine wine

 🌿  Travelling

 🌿  Max Richter recomposition of the Four Seasons! 

🌿  Spa days! Sauna time anytime!

 🌿  All movies by Wes Anderson, Tom Ford & The Coen Brothers


Artist at Heart


  I have a  BA and MA in Contemporary Dance where both dissertations where based on visual design & aesthetic theory.  

Made of Sea & Sunshine

I'm from the stunning island of Malta, and have been living in the UK for 10 beautiful years. 'Bongu' pronounced 'bon-ju',  inspired by the french 'Bon Jour' means good morning in Maltese.

Favourite Part of the Wedding Day

Without a doubt the VOWS 

'My' Walking Down the Aisle Song

Benedictus, on cellos original by Karl Jenkins

Pet Hate

Putting anything exotic on Pizzas. I love it the classic way, the mediterranean way, with a nice crispy crust, a tomato base, a dash of herbs, fresh juicy mozzarella and a shave of truffles. 

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