About me

Extraordinary moments deserve extraordinary photos. This is the ethos that drives my work. 

My mum swears I took my first photo at the age of 3 on a vintage film camera.  To a little girl, it was wondrous  growing up around cameras with both parents photographers.  I still treasure that magical feeling of seeing an image manifest itself as me and dad developed film in our home DIY darkroom.   Everywhere we went,  my mum or my dad took photos of everything happening around us.  

As an adult, I can appreciate the value of those photos today.  A snapshot into a wonderful summer's afternoon. The freezing of an emotion. All to allow your future self to peak into the past and re-live that moment. 


This is why I do what I do today.  Creating images of special moments in people's lives, natural and timeless.  There for YOU, for your Children, and your children's children.  

I aim to let you enjoy your day entrusting that I will be there wide, because every fleeting moment is special.

I understand that every couple is different and requires a bespoke approach, so every experience is designed especially for each couple. 




by the Greater London Enterprise Awards

These are all the things that makes my heart sing.  Do we share any? 

 🌿  My talented husband Dominic


  🌿  My cats  Moomin, Luna & dog Stella

 🌿   A cup of tea in the garden


 🌿  Nature walks

 🌿  Peonies & proteas

 🌿  Fine wine

 🌿  Scents of bergamont

 🌿  Travelling

 🌿  Max Richter recomposition of the Four Seasons! 

 🌿  Sushi

 🌿  Spa days! Sauna time anytime!

 🌿  All movies by Wes Anderson, Tom Ford & Coen Brothers

 🌿  Yoga & meditation

 🌿  Making lists 

Artist at Heart


  I have a  BA and MA in Contemporary Dance where both dissertations where based on visual design & aesthetic theory.  

Made of Sea & Sunshine

I'm from the stunning island of Malta, and have been living in the UK for 8 beautiful years. 'Bongu' like 'Bon Jour' means good morning in Maltese.

Favourite Part of the Wedding Day

Without a doubt the VOWS 

'My' Walking Down the Aisle Song

Benedictus, on cellos original by Karl Jenkins

Pet Hate

Putting anything exotic on Pizzas. Give it to me the mediterranean way with a nice crispy crust, a tomato base, a dash of herbs, fresh juicy mozzarella and a shave of truffles. 

The-Luminous-604-scaled (1).jpg

One thing that you probably don't realise is that your wedding photos can be taken to the next level if you plan your wedding with photography in mind. 

Why is this important to have next level photos, because you might have the most beautiful dress, venue, flowers, atmosphere but after those 24hours have gone, ultimately what survives are your photos. 

So I share with you my expert advise in my Journal.

What People Say

"Desiree is amazing! I was really nervous because I hand't had professional pictures taken...however, Desiree is so sweet that she instantly makes you feel at ease. She took some beautiful pictures and puts so much effort into listening to what you want and giving you the best service possible.  I would highly recommend her"