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What is a Bridal Boudoir Photo Session?

Elegant & Classy with an undertone of sensuality, having a bridal boudoir sessions is a special addition to your wedding photography collection.

Imagine the both of you on your honeymoon, and as a surprise wedding gift you pull out your beautifully sensual collection of images from your bridal morning. Nothing better to get you in the mood.

I usually organise the bridal boudoir session to happen right after you'd have your hair and makeup ready and right before we start taking your preparation shots. This can take about 30 to 45mins, where I will direct you the whole way through.

Don't worry, I won't get you to be overtly sexual, we aim to keep things classy and leave a lot to the imagination.

What do I wear in a Bridal Boudoir?

Your honeymoon lingerie. Be it a one, two or three piece, it is empowering to wear a set of lingerie which make exude all your feminine energy.

Check out these blogs for beautiful bridal lingerie sets

& don't forget your garter.

I'm not particularly a sensual person, and am afraid I will feel uncomfortable.

Having a female photographer is a plus if you struggle with camera confidence, especially if you are considering having a boudoir session.

In my years photographing, I have also developed an efficient way to help direct you in the most natural way possible and get you looking your best. Of course just like anything else practice does help, so feel free to scout the internet for bridal boudoir poses you would feel comfortable with and when you are all alone, have a little practice in front of the mirror.

While you are practicing, think of imagery and ideas such as 'soft', 'delicate', 'water', 'air', 'slow'.

Share your pinterest board with your photographer, this is a great way to show them what you visual language you like or would feel most comfortable with.

How will I get my Bridal Boudoir photos delivered?

Due to the sensual nature of the photos, it is understandable that you don't want your family to see these photos, or you want full control on what they can see. This is why when I deliver bridal boudoir photos, I send them in separate gallery, if in doubt make sure you communicate this with your photographer.

When should I expect to receive photos from a Bridal Boudoir session?

This will be different for all photographer of course, but me personally, I want you to have these photos as soon as possible and at least while you are on honeymoon. This is why I aim to have them ready within 3days from the wedding day.

Do you have any additional questions which you want answered? Drop your questions down below and I will make my best to get them answered as soon as possible.

Me personally, I love the Fine Art elegant touch of bridal boudoirs and my ultimate aim is to help brides feel empowered by their femininity. I highly recommend you speak to your individual wedding photographer to see if they have any experience photographing these and if they will be able to add this to your wedding photography package. The are a great addition to celebrate your youth and body, both of you will especially treasure them in 10, 20, 40 .... years.


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