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5 Things You Need to Know if you Desire Bright & Airy Wedding Photos

bright and airy wedding photography with a bride and groom forehead to forehead

Do you LOVE BRIGHT & AIRY wedding photos and what that aesthetic for your wedding?

Great you are in the right place!

Did you know that a photographer cannot create a bright and airy photo without your help!

Yes it's true, because there is only two elements which will make a bright and airy photo and those are......


For this reason, every single decision you take when it comes to your wedding planning will need to take these two elements into consideration. Let's dive in!

Couple in a field in a bright and wedding photography

No 1. Meticulous timing

The bright and airy look requires a lot of natural light. This means that you want to be planning your wedding around the longest day of the year. Any date a month before or a month after the 21st of june is optimal. This is because you will have longer natural day light ours, which of course will also mean that you will have a consistent bright look throughout your wedding day especially as we move into the evening celebrations.

Winter weddings should be avoided if you really love this look. Winter days are short and so be prepared to have a very different look after sundown. Winter days are also mostly overcast, which means that you will be depriving yourself from that romantic beautiful glow that only clear skies can give you.

Bright and airy preparation location Came House

No 2. Bright Location

Location, Location, Location, it's all about choosing a venue with access to natural light.

Orangeries are wonderful options because they are wonderful sources of natural light and they shield you from the natural elements in case of rain. Outdoor locations, work well too, as do rooms with skylights or big windows. When viewing venues, scout for naturally lit bright venues which will at least can accommodate for a bright ceremony room and preparation room.

No 3. Natural Reflectors

What are natural reflectors?Natural reflectors are things like white walls, or a gravel or marble floor.Having natural reflectors means you will have brighter photos.The opposite of reflectors are absorbers, so for bright airy photos you want to stay away from environmental absorbers like wood walls, or dark furnishings. This is not to say that you should exclude a venue from your list simply because it doesn't have natural reflectors or has environmental absorbers, but you should keep in mind that your photos will look much brighter and lighter with these principles in mind.

No 4. Your Colour Palette

An overall brighter and happier tone can be achieved by simply selecting a light colour palette for your wedding decor and items., including bridesmaid dresses, flowers, table scapes and overall decor. It is good that you select your colours intentionally especially when wanting a bright aesthetic. Colours like pinks, whites and baby blues are great choices for this aesthetic.

Vibrant colours on a summer day can work too, so long as you match them up with brighter tones for balance: for example a vibrant colourful bouquet with a white dress is perfectly balanced.

Naturally on the opposite side, you should try and avoid darker tones especially for flowers and decorations. If you want darker tones, make sure these are balanced with a lighter tones. Why do we want to avoid dark tones? During the editing stage, when your photographer is brightening up your tones, it's harder to brighten dark tones.

Film Elegant Wedding Photography

N0 5. Go for a Film Photography Package

We millennials should remember the old school days of shooting on a roll of film and then having to wait until the film is developed before we could see the results.

Film, has a beautiful quality about it. It has the ability to render soft glowing skin tones. It is for this reason that if you do love the bright and airy aesthetic, you should also opt for a film package which will also elevate the entire feel and mood of your wedding photography collection.

I offer my clients the option of having their photos shot on digital only, or a refined package offering a hybrid of film and digital. This allows me to deliver beautiful fine art quality photos which are timeless and will never age. Photos which your children and grandchildren will treasure dearly.

Desiree A North Film Wedding Photographer sitting in a garden at Came House

BONUS - Why go for bright & airy wedding photography?


Unlike applying a filter of a recent colour trend, (which dates your photos really quickly btw) a bright and airy aesthetic cannot be created in post production without the right elements being present on the day. For this reason, the colours are a true representation of the day. The colours themselves are rarely changed in post production and so the photos will never date. When looking at your wedding photos in the future, you will remember the day as it actually was, making your photos TIMELESS.

Reflects Happiness & Romance

A wedding day is filled with happiness and romance and I believe that this feeling should be evoked in your wedding photos. Intentional colouring to evoke emotion and feeling is a technique widely used in movies. Off the top of your head compare the aesthetic of a horror movie to a romcom, and you will notice that romcoms will have a brighter happier colour palette. This is what we also want to for your wedding photos, an intentional colour choice to reflect what you will be experiencing, one of the happiest days of your life.

bright and airy engagement photo with men kissing his bride to be, Surrey

There you have it guys, my top tips to help you plan for a successful bright and airy photo experience.

Planning a wedding is one of the most exiting things and a little foresight does go a long way to ensure you are overjoyed with your photos ever-after.

I hope you guys have found this guide super helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out, I'm always happy to help,

If you want to learn more about my Fine Art Wedding Photography you can go to the info page here:


Much Love,

Desirée xoxo


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