5 Super Charged Ideas for Memorable Wedding Photos

1. Candid Style Photography

Have fun, relax and go for Candid photography. Keep traditional group photos to a minimum. Group shots are important however they somehow fail to capture the spirit of the day.  If you really want to immortalise the fun joyous aspect of the day, then ask for candid photography.  This type of photography is shot in the moment, and though some shots can be staged to look candid, they still manage to capture a happy spirit.

Pintrest is a great tool for ideas, even if your photographer might have some in their tool bag already, on online and search for funny, adventurous, candid, wedding photos. Create a board, save and send it to your photographer.

2. Fun & Games

Have games at your Wedding.You cannot expect for your guests to have fun without any prompts.There are a variety of games that you can organise or purchase and set up at your wedding.You can organise a relay course, or a fit the hoop challenge, or a karaoke station.

Hire a Photo Booth, or some 35mm cameras or Instant print cameras. It's all about creating banter. They are firstly a great way to take home photos on the day as your 'Pro' Photos will tend to take longer.Secondly they offer a great opportunity for your guests to be part of your wedding photography collection, and for them to have fun.

They also make for great wedding favours costing from as little as £2 each. Imagine taking a selfie with your guests, and they get to take that as a wedding favour. Your Guests will truly treasure it! This is something which I recently started to offer as a service and I know it will be a big hit.

If you create this fun vibe at your wedding, your guests will rave about your wedding forever, and you will have fun beautiful photos to look back on.

3. Food Trucks

Be honest, when have you ever been to a wedding and you've enjoyed sitting at a table with some random guest and forced to interact with them for a whole 3 course meal, and not even gotten the chance to interact with the bride and groom. Seriously what fun is that?

So why don't you keep things casual and get everyone to intermingle with some food trucks and Prosecco.

4. Fire Works

Maybe a little tricky to organise, and will need the proper license and authorisation, but smoke bombs, sparklers and fireworks are sure to Wow your guests!

Note that these all need to be organised on private land with the authorisation from the land owner, so ask you wedding venue if it is possible, before you start organising it.

5. Live Entertainment

Keep that fun element going with a live band, or a DJ. Ask them to create a sick playlist for you in line with your vibe.There are even brass bands that can dance for you ;)

Are you the dancing type? Ask your bridal party together choreography a little dance to open the dance floor. It is always a fun happy moment when everyone gathers round to watch your Pro performance ;)

And don't forget to invite Uncle Jerry, he is sure to stir up the party. You know who I'm talking about, that one lively guests, who just lights up the room. They are sure to bring the party.

And ultimately, relax and enjoy your day. Don't let the pressure of achieving a perfect day get to you. Guess what?! Things will go wrong. But only you can make it the Perfect day for YOU, by accepting that things WILL go wrong, and it's OK.

Oh wait I almost forgot !!!!!

6. Ask for the Golden Light Hour for you newly weds shoot, it creates that beautiful romantic orange light that we all love so much. I know, this makes it 6, but I couldn't leave this one out.

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