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5 Super Charged Ideas for Memorable Wedding Photos

1. Fine Art Photography

Fine Art wedding photography means that the photographer will use all their skill and knowledge in aesthetic theory, composition and colour to create visually pleasing photos. Don't get deceived by the term though, because Fine Art wedding photography though most times there is an element of posing, it can still be very candid and natural.

2. Fun & Games

There are a variety of games that you can organise or purchase and set up at your wedding. You can organise a relay course, or a fit the hoop challenge, a trivia quiz, or a karaoke station.

Hire a Photo Booth, or some 35mm cameras or Instant print cameras. It's all about creating the opportunity for fun and laughter to happen organically.

The photo prints taken on Instant Print cameras are also great for guest books or even given as wedding favours. A wedding favour which is truly personal . Your Guests will surely treasure it!

3. Food Trucks or Prosecco Vans

Why not keep things casual and encourage everyone to mingle with some street food and a little bit of bubbly. These situations always create the best scenes for organic candid moments that can be captured.

4. Fire Works

Maybe a little tricky to organise, and will need the proper license and authorisation, but smoke bombs, sparklers and fireworks are sure to Wow your guests!

Note that these all need to be organised on private land with the authorisation from the land owner, so ask you wedding venue first.

5. Live Entertainment

Keep that fun element going with a live band, or a DJ. Ask them to create an awesome playlist for you in line with your vibe. There are even brass bands that can dance for you ;)

Are you the dancing type? Seek the guidance of a choreographer, and open the dance floor with some epic choreography, maybe even involving your bridal party.

And don't forget to invite Uncle Jerry, he is sure to stir up the party. You know who I'm talking about, that one lively guests, who just lights up the room. They are sure to bring the party.

Oh wait I almost forgot !!!!!

6. Ask for the Golden Light Hour for you newly weds shoot, it creates that beautiful romantic golden light that we all love so much. I know, this makes it 6, but I couldn't leave this one out.


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