3 Reasons Why You Should Have an Engagement Shoot

So you have gotten engaged, Congratulations. It is such a beautiful time of your life, it is the reassurance you have always dreamed of, you love your partner wholeheartdly and you are starting to plan your big day. I've been there, and it is so exciting.

1. Professional Photos of Your Love

I also remember flicking through photos on my phone of the two of us, and they all happened to be selfies, whilst not dispointing, I wished we had something more professional. Something we could frame. Something which didn't look as cheesy as a selfie.

Having a prfessional engagement shoot is a lot of fun. It is a great opportunity for you two to bask in eachother's presence for one day. The photos you get out of it are also a great addition to your photo collection. Your Wedding day photos be celebratory, there is that joy festive feel, where everyone is coming togther to celbrate the cementing of your love.

On the contrary, I feel engagement photos are more vulnerable and show a very different side to your relationship, a softer side. They show the intimacy and love before you would have solidated it into marriage.

2. Save the Date / Website

With an ever evolving technologies, couples have taken to the digital word and have been creating stunning websites for their wedding day.

We did ours for free with Wix.com and it was so easy and simple to create. We have a all information our guests needed to know for our wedding. How to get to each venue, parking avaiblity, accomodation, times, what to expect etc.... You could even do some fun quizez to see which guests knows you better. If you are creating such a webiste then it would look so much better with professional photos of the two of you.

You could also take it an extra step and create beautiful email 'save the date' invitations. Imagine how heart warming and beautiful they will look with a professional photo of the two of you.

3. Test Your Photographer

Having an Engagement shoot is a great way to test out your prospective Wedding Photographer (before hiring them). Why do I say this? You do not hire photographers on a daily basis, therefore you would be gambling a lot of money if you entrust your wedding to a photographer you personally wouldn't have tested out. Sure their photos look good, but how will you know how they work, how they will make you feel during the shoot, and how will they deliver. This is why it is so important to trial out your wedding photographer. You would trail out a hair do, or make up, you would taste your cake, so why wouldn't you test your photographer?

Hiring them for an engagement shoot is a low risk way of making sure you are compatable. It also builds a level of trust and confidence, that when it comes to your wedding day you will feel more relaxed to have them around you (especailly during preperations where space is somewhat confined).

I cannot stress who important it is to trial out your wedding photographer. You can start thinking about it now, be it 2 years, 1 year or 6 months before the wedding, the earlier the better.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get yourself a photographer to capture some beautiful shots of the two of you.

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