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because Extraordinary Moments deserve Extraordinary Photos! 

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You just got your photos and and now are thinking on getting some prints done!  I know how you feel, there is something quite special about a printed photo. 


Before you embark on printing, I've created this guide to help you choose the right prints for you. 

& Remember that you do have an exclusive 20% discount for the coming two weeks. All to help you enjoy your photos to the fullest in well crafted prints from the best labs in the industry. 


Before you choose your size, think :

What am I going to do with the Photo?  Frame? Album? Shelf? Other?


Choose the sizes which will fit your method of display. Your Gallery Store is filled with premium wall art options including a selection of beautiful prints. 

6x4" prints are classic, though I do tend to like the slightly larger 5x7" options. 

If you wanted anything bigger, 10x8" or 12x8" are great starter options, with with latter measuring similarly to an A4 size. 

For a more organised look, your Gallery Store also offers Leather Wallets Print Bundles, or Print Box Bundles. Which are a cost effective way of printing in bulk, whilst also provide an aesthetically charming safe keep for all your memories.


Gloss - Gloss can be brilliant with it's nice shine, however with time it will stick to glass. So if you are framing a photo, go for a Matt finish instead. 

Matt - Matt finishes look more contemporary, and will do great in many scenarios.  I would avoid matt if you have darker images, as the blacks do not render as beautifully as gloss. 

Velvet - I love the velvet finish and is very close to a Fine art print. It is extremely matt and slightly more ridged making it sturdier. 

Glicee Fine Art Print - Fine Art prints are my favourite. If you've ever felt watercolour paper, Fine Art Prints have exactly that texture. I would highly recommend you go for Museum Rough with a ridged thickness and a subtle texture, your prints will feel really satisfying to hold and display. 

Still unsure what finish is best suitable for you?

Email me at and I will give my personal recommendations.


Folio Albums Handmade

Folio Albums Handmade

Play Video

Elegant & Timeless

Bespoke to You

Eco Vegan Materials

Locally Handmade

Premium Quality

Comes with Cotton Sleeve & Craft Box

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- Choose your favourite top 60 Photos

(You are welcome to choose more but I recommended not to go above 100)

from your Gallery add your favourites to a fav list called 'Album'

- Let me know once chosen, and I will design the internal layout

- Schedule a zoom video call, where we will proof it and design the cover together. 

- Make your payment, and the order will be sent through the lab

- Wait up to 30days to receive your Elegant Fine Art Album

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 10.24.00.jpg
Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 10.24_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 10.23.37.jpg
Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 10.24.30.jpg
Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 10.24.46.jpg
Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 10.24.56.jpg


Prints will last you longer if you look after them carefully. Here are my top tips for keeping prints that last you a lifetime. 

Keep Away from Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight will fade your prints VERY quickly. For this reason place your prints in a shaded place. 

Keep in the Dark 

Any type of light will fade your prints in time, so what I recommend is to alternate your display prints every now and again, and keep the rest in a secure dark box. 

Keep away from Humidity and Heat

Temperature and humidity will also effect your prints, so try to keep them in a neutral place away from humidity, mould or heat. 

Framed Prints

If you are framing your prints, choose a matt finish. In time, a gloss finished print will stick to glass and if you ever wanted to change frames you will be disappointed to find you can't. 

Finger Prints

To avoid marking your prints handle them with care and hold them lightly with clean dry hands. Be especially careful of gloss or jet black prints which are notorious for finger markings. 

Look after your Full Resolution digital files

If your prints had to perish, if you still have your digital file, you will be able to order reproductions.  Keep your full resolution files at least in two separate devises so if one is lost, you have a spare copy. If you have been given the full resolution files, then the photographer might not be liable to store them, and as such you must keep your files safe. 

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