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Limited Edition 

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Are you engaged and want to capture your love on camera?

This Spring Summer, I am opening up my calendar for a very limited number of Engagement Shoots filled with Light , Love and Joy...

& Blossoms, Loads and Loads of Blossoms


You take your pick; 

from seas of purple lavender blossoms, to a kaleidoscope of flowers at The Confetti Flower Field, walk underneath overarching cherry blossoms, or bask in a forest of sunflower fields. 

The perfect backdrop to highlight the Love you have for one another. 

If this excites you, then Hurry to reserve your spots!


Especially for the Cherry Blossom sessions because these will only be in bloom for the next two weeks. 


Where and When? 




in Greenwich Park,  London

For the early risers we start at 6:30am and walk down the stunning Japanese-style cherry blossom tunnel where you'll be beautifully framed amidst the dreamy pink/white flowers. 

HURRY! Bookings end 17th April

with shoot dates starting the week of 18th of April only! 



End July / August

in Mayfield Lavender Farm

Mayfield Lavender Farm is just off the west of Croydon, with a field of picture perfect fragrant violet sea of lavender blooms.  





at The Confetti Flower Field

in Worcestershire

Opening just for 10 days in Summer, the flower fields on The Wyke Manor Estate are full of happiness. With an array of different flowers, it's sure to provide the perfect romantic setting for your engagement shoot. 

And the best part is, you can handpick your own biodegradable wedding confetti whilst you are there. A two in one trip! 



mid August to mid September

in Hitchin Lavender, Hertfordshire

Amongst the multiple fields of Hitchin Lavender flower farm there is a breathtaking golden sunflower field.  If you're adventurous enough to venture into this field of sun-hungry towering flowers then this is the ideal spot for you. 



April to August

in Richmond Park, London

Up for vast fields of golden grass and a potential serendipitous encounter with the majestic local dear?  Richmond Park it the location for you.  & if we are lucky enough to get some glorious sunshine, we can capture some epic golden hour photos as the sun gently sets beyond the tree line. 



April / May

East Head in West Wittering, Chichester or Camber Sands in East Sussex

An engagement shoot on the sandy dunes of West Wittering beach is the ultimate romantic shoot.  Suited for the true romantics who are not afraid to get their feet wet. 

*flowering times depend on weather conditions, so a tentative date will be penciled in upon booking, however the exact date will be reconfirmed closer to the date. 



What to expect... 

 an Exciting 1hour Photoshoot

in your desired location. 

A Natural yet Timeless Approach

I will help direct you the whole way with timeless yet natural prompts.

a Zoom Video Call Consultation

to help guide you and help you feel more relaxed on the day

I will send you the exclusive

Find Camera Confidence

& Engagement Shoot Preparation Guides

to further help you build that self confidence when being photographed.

Entry Tickets/ Permit Fee for the two of you

you can stay in the flower fields at your leisure, maybe do your own flower picking where allowed or go home with your handpicked flower confetti for your big day (each flower field will have their own set of opening hours and rules we will need to follow). 

100 Photos in High Resolution

inc. Printing Rights 

Online Gallery

for 1 year

12x8" Fine Art Print

ready to be framed and hung in your living room

Editing in My Signature Natural Style

inc. light airbrushing of the skin

Delivery in 14days



Celebrate your love on camera and secure yourself a collection of beautiful loving photos.  


with an Early Bird

25% discount

for bookings made by the 3oth of April 2022!


bringing your investment only to



bookings can be made against a £150 deposit

to cover the permit fees and the rest will be due 3 days before the shoot


Want to Learn More? 


Click down below and book a zero obligations consultaiton.

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Hi, my name is Desiree & I'm a Fine Art Wedding Photographer. 

Very down to earth, with a heart warming friendly personality. 

I'm very camera shy, which is why you will find me behind the camera. That also means that I truly understand your pain if you happen to be camera shy yourself, so I always make sure that I'm directing you in very natural ways, further honing your camera confidence. 


We are camera shy...

I work with camera shy couples all the time. To help you relax and feel more comfortable with me, I include a face to face zoom call where we'll get to know each other and talk about everything engagement shoot. I have also developed a pdf guide to help you prepare mentally for your shoot and be more comfortable with the idea of being photographed. On the day, I will help direct you the whole way through and ease you into the shoot very naturally. I have a repertoire of fun playful candid prompts as well as timeless natural prompts to help us create a beautiful collection filled with authentic emotions. 




How do I make a Booking? 

You can start by booking a zero obligations consultaiton. It's a nice way to get to know each other and see if we are the right fit. Following the consultaiton your booking can be secured against a £150 non refundable deposit to cover the cost of permit fees and entry tickets and the reminder would only be due 3 days before the shoot. 

What if we select a date and the flowers are not in bloom yet? 

We will stay in contact and shift your date according to the flowering times. 

How soon can we know our date? 

For all flowering shoots, a tentative date will be booked in temporarily and then reconfirmed as soon as each respective farm opens up to the public, or flowers are coming into bloom.  For this reason you will need to have a level of flexibility, as most flowering periods only last for about 10 to 14days.  This is excluding Richmond Park and the Beach shoot.  For the latter locations, the date you choose will be your actual shoot date, unless we encounter bad weather. The time might always change slightly depending on weather conditions and times are always confirmed the day before the shoot (as we will get the best weather forecast). 

What if I cannot be flexible with my dates? 

Then, the two best locations for you are Richmond Park and the Beach shoot in West Wittering Chichester or Camber Sands in East Sussex . 

We have a location significant to us, can we hold the shoot there? 

I want every experience to be bespoke to you, so yes of course.  I highly recommend that you book a consultation first so that I can better advise you. 

What if I need to cancel?

Once you book, I will need to make arrangements to secure a permit or a pass for the location we are photographing at. For this reason, you can choose to cancel however the a percentage of the deposit will be non refundable (depending on the location). Transfers will be considered on a case by case basis, however any costs lost in relation to permit fees, entry tickets or travel, will be deducted from the transferring sum and any new permit fees required will be charged extra. 

What shall we wear?

I will send you a guide to help you prepare for your shoot including all my tips on finding the right outfit for you. 

Can we linger in the flower fields and or pick flowers before or after the shoot?

Yes, all within the guidelines of each respective farm.  An entry ticket will be included for the two of you, so you can enter and stay at your leisure during the farm's opening hours. Each location will have their own policy for picking flowers, and some will sell them separately.  Most also have cafe's where you'll be able to sit and have a cup of coffee. 

Have any other question...

Please do send me your questions at, alternatively feel free to book an engagement shoot consultation by clicking on the link below