What to Look Out for in a Wedding Photography Contract

Always have a contract!

If the photographer does not provide you with one, run away! Seriously, contracts outline all the finer detials that can be missed out during a consultation. Contracts ensures terms are outlined, understood and agreed to by both parties in advance.

So this is what contracts should include and what you should look out for.

1. Personal Details

A contract should list all your personal details including name, surname and contact details of both you and the Photographer

2. Event Details

Make sure that all the wedding details are listed and correct, especially dates, times and all wedding venue/s. Sometimes a contract will refer to a separate form or questionnaire with the event details.

3. Delivery Time

When will you get your photos delivered?14days, 30days, 60days after the wedding...?

4. Package Details

What is included in your package? - The number of photographers

- The number of photos

- The delivery method and time

- Any extras like albums.

5. Payment Terms

The price will be clearly listed.

- Is there a deposit? when is it due

- How much?

- Refund policy

- Full payment Due date. It is standard for this be required 30days before the wedding day.

6. Ownership & Rights

- Who owns the intellectual property of the photos?

- What 'Rights' do you have? 'Personal use', Commercial, Printing. Do not take it for granted that you have printing rights if you do not have it explicitly written down.

7. Data Handling

How does the photogrpaher process and handle data. This can also be included on their website in a Privacy Policy section.When you are hiring your photographer for your wedding, you are also giving your Photographer permission to photograph you and your guests. Most photographers will include a clause getting your permission to use your image in marketing and promotions.

8. Cancellation Terms

Make sure you understand both your and the photographer's cancellation terms.Watch out of a Force Majure, which basically gives the photographer the right to leave your wedding if they feel that their health or safety are compromised at any time.This is no cause for concern, however it is good to be aware of.

9. Rescheduling Terms

Rescheduling was not a common option that was offered, however it has worked it's way into most contracts after the rise of the pandemic. If you are being offered rescheduling options, look out for any additional charges. Admin fees, and or the cost of difference in that new date's prices. Also be aware that beyond a certain point you might not be able to reschedule.

Remember that Contracts are there to protect everyone. Make sure to have a contract in place, which will also help you support any claims you might need to do with your wedding insurer.

So that brings us the the end of this guide. I honestly hope you have found the information useful and informative.

I wish you all the best in your search for your wedding photographer. I am positive you will find the right one for you.

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