Top 15 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Updated: May 7, 2020

Photo by Joseph Pearson on Unsplash

Choosing your Wedding Photographer is an exciting thing. These are some questions you might want to ask your photographer before hiring them.

1. What is your Style?

There are various photography styles, Directed, Documentary, Traditional and can read about them in more detail here. Knowing your preferred style will help you communicate your vision better and help you choose the right photographer for you.

2. What happens if you are ill on the Wedding day?

We are all human, and sometimes things do happen. Ask your photographer what they can guarantee and what is their cancellation policy. Usually the photographer will have a list of other professionals he/she can rely on and in the case of an emergency they might be able to send someone as a replacement. There are certain things the photographer will not be able to control, like sudden death. Thus, I do recommend you get wedding insurance to make sure you are covered. You might not get the photos, but at least any monies paid will be covered.

3. How many photos will we get and are they edited?

It is good to have a rough estimate of how many photos you would expect. For a full day coverage, I would say 300+ at the least. It is also good to know, how the images will be processed. Some brides do like to be involved in the editing process so I do send them 3 different colour corrections to choose from before I edit the whole lot. However, not every photographer does this, especially if they have developed a brand around a particular colour edit.

4. Will we get, low resolution or high resolution photos?

This is a very important question. You might get either one, or you might get both. Low resolution are great if you intend to store the photos on your phone, and share them on social media. High resolution are best if you are considering ordering your own prints, just check if you get printing rights along with your high resolution images.

5. Will there be any Watermarks? If yes, in what form and where ?

If your wedding photography package is being discounted, it is crucial you understand what is the price you are paying for that reduced cost. Watermarks come in all shapes and sizes, and usually comprise of the Photographers' name and logo. Sometimes these come right in the middle or on the corners of the photos, and can some in bold or opaque colours. Watermarks don't necessarily need to be negative, as they can save you a hefty sum off your photography bill if you agree to it.

6. Can we order our own prints? what rights / license do we get?

Your package will come with usually a 'Personal license', this means that any photo can only be used for your own personal use (for example you cannot send it to your florist who will probably use it for advertisement). Some personal Iicesenes come with or without printing rights, so it is good to ask if you would be able to print your own. If not, ask to see the printing price list. Be aware that if you do want to print your own, you will need to ask for High resolution images including the printing rights.

7. Ask to see the Printing and Album Price List

If Prints and Albums are included in your package it is great. However, it is useful to have their printing price list for reference in case you wanted to purchase some items for your families.

8. Are there any additional fees? transport, fast turnover, prints, albums, delivery fees

Ask if there are any hidden fees, including the addition of full resolution images if they are not included in the package.

9. Any alternatives to albums?

Albums can be quite costly, so it good to understand if your photographer offers any alternatives to albums. I personally offer Insta-frames, which are the perfect budget substitute.

10. How do we get our wedding photos? USB, DVD, Online?

Whatever you do, do not accept receiving your photos on a DVD. Technology is evolving really quickly, and even if you will be able to use your DVD today, DVD players have become obsolete and chances are you won't be able to play them 10 years down the line. The most current and convenient way of receiving your photos is through an online album.

11. How long have you been working in wedding photography in the UK?

Wedding traditions are different around the globe, so having an experienced UK photographer is definitely a plus.

12. If wedding exceeds time, how much do you charge for additional hours?

This might be overlooked, though it is good that this is addressed early on as to avoid an awkward conversation about it at your wedding.

13. Deposits and Payment due date.

Most photographer will need to take a non refundable 10% to 50% deposit, depending on the price of the package, to secure the booking. This is only because they will block out that day for you, and in the case you cancel last minute they will not be able to rebook a wedding. Also ask about the payment due date. Some require it 30 days before the wedding, and some would also request it after the wedding date. Ask if you also get any perks if you pay in full way in advance. I offer my clients high resolution images if they pay the full amount 6 months in advance.

14. Do you do video as well?

Check if your photographer can provide you with a video package. They might be able to do video and photo in tandem, or they might have collaborators they trust whom they will bring on board to do the video for you.

15. Sample works

Ask to see a wedding gallery to give you an indication of what a full wedding would look like.

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