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As you plan your wedding, many vendors will be asking you for your timeline, so your timeline is an essential thing you will need to layout in the very early stages. Why, so that all your wedding vendors know where and when whey need to be.

However you might be struggling to pin down certain elements of your day, like what time should you host your speeches? how much time should you allocate for hair and make up, or how much time should you allocate for group photos? With so many things to think about, that it can be a bit overwhelming to plan your timeline without any guidance, so I am here to help you build the backbones of your timeline based on my experience of photographing weddings.

To start off with I will go about saying that all that all that I will be saying here will be based on summer weddings with longer daylight hour days. If you wanted to learn more about scheduling your winter wedding timeline, then you can read about it here. What is the biggest difference? It is Daylight hours, which will have a massive impact on the overall aesthetics of your photos. But enough gibber gabber, and let's dive in.


All vendors will be different and will have their own required time, however as a rule of thumb, Hair can take from 1 hour to 1.5hours to complete, while makeup from 45mins to 1hour. Ideally, you want to start with your (Bride) makeup and hair to be done first (in that order). So that you are looking your best in your candid photos. However your stylists will be able to advise you better.

Whether you have a stylist or doing your own hair and makeup, it is always advisable to allocate for any last minute delays (30mins to 1hour at least). These delays will always happen, and it's better to have allocated for them.

So how is a morning of preparations commonly photographed? Your photographer will arrive anytime from 8:30 to 9:30am to make their introductions and start to photograph your venue, decor and details. I love to photograph the details in a space close by, so that whenever I see a beautiful candid moment during the preparations I am ready to capture it. Once the details are finished I will be scouting for lovely candid moments.

Pro Tip 1: Choosing a room with ample light and keeping your room free from clutter will allow your photographer to capture your morning more naturally and beautifully with less intrusion.

Pro Tip 2: Buy yourself and your bridesmaids some lovely pjs so that you can all be photographed beautifully durning this stage.

At around 11:30am, ideally, you and your bridesmaids will all be ready from hair and makeup, and we can capture you having a casual laugh together with a glass of bubbly. This should take about 15mins max, after which point your bridesmaids can get into their dresses.

We will then get you into your dress around 12:00 where we will get either your mum, sister or bridesmaids to help you into your dress. Followed by you putting on your shoes, jewellery and final little touches.

Fine Art wedding flatlay Jimmy choo pearl shoes
UK fine art wedding photography of a bride by a window at findon place
first look of bridesmainds seeing bride photographed by fine wedding photographer desiree a north

Other things that can be fitted into your morning are Groom Prep (which can be fitted in 30mins with one photographer), First looks, bridal portraits and bride & bridesmaids portraits, which each individually can take from 5 to 15mins or so to complete all after, you the bride has gotten ready.

Travel Times

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Remember to allocate enough time for you, your photographers, videographers and guests to travel in between venues. If you want a stress free affair, it is always best to minimise the amount of travel you will have to do in between venues, so choosing one venue where all preparations, ceremony and reception can happen is always ideal. If not, calculate the travel times, and allocate an additional 10 or so minutes for traffic, and parking.

The Ceremony

Outdoor wedding ceremony in fine art style by uk berkshire wedding photographer desiree a north

Ceremonies are pretty straight forward and your registrar, celebrant or vicar will be able to guide you better in terms of timings.

Church Weddings: 45mins to 50mins

Registry Celebrations: 20mins to 30mins

If you are having a registry celebration, remember that you will need to be present for an interview around 15mins prior to the ceremony start time. You might also want to mention to your registrar if you will want to have your interviews together or separate. In most cases registrars can hold separate interviews to allow you a first look down the aisle. however if this is not possible, speak with your photographer to plan your first look to be captured on camera in a convenient location prior to you going in for your interviews.

Now what are the best times for Ceremonies to be held? Usually it's between 12pm to 2pm. For a Summer weddings, you can even push your ceremony time to a later time for a more gentile morning.

Drinks O'Clock / Group Photos

candid photo of a guest mingling at a wedding by fine art wedding photographer desiree a north

Following the Ceremony, this is the time for your celebrations to begin. Now, it is up to you to plan this time as you see fit. Think about how you want to your day to flow, maybe you want to start with a drink and allow yourself to connect with your guests first, or maybe you want to get the group photos out of the way. There is no right or wrong way of doing it, there is only what feels right for you.

Here is an example of the different layout option you can schedule the drinks o'clock time:

Confetti exit / 15 to 30minute Mingle / Group Photos / Couples Portraits

Confetti exit / Group Photos / Couple Portraits / unlimited Mingling time

Confetti exit / Group photos / 15 to 30minute Mingle / Couples Portraits

A consultaiton with your photographer will help you understand what is the best layout for your wedding day. As a photographer, the questions I get asked the most, is how long do group photos take. My answer is always to allocate 2mins per grouping, and to limit the groups to 15 group max. This will bring the total group photo time to about 30mins. This is what I recommend, only because any longer than 30mins, and you will start to feel tired, tired from smiling and tired of standing. Having said that, there are occasions where more groups are required, so just factor in 2mins per group to calculate your timings for that.