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Updated: May 7, 2020

So in June I got married and I remember the excitement when I set out looking for my dress. I found so many pretty dresses, unfortunately I couldn't wear them all so I thought I would share with you my top 5 favourite boho wedding dresses.

1. Emma

This beautiful dress is clean and simple and a little reminiscent of Meghan's simplistic clean cut wedding dress. I particularly like that it is two piece allowing for some skin to come through which creates a gentle breaking contrast between the top and the bottom. The bottom is also very light and airy and has a beautiful cut.

Handmade, Satin, Lace

Etsy JBridal Studio


2. Luna Beach

The back detail on this dress is simply divine. It is a true Goddess dress, delicate, floaty, feminine and free. With a lovely fitted Chantilly lace top and sumptuous organic peace silk floaty skirt. Featuring a stunning low v back with beautiful scalloped Chantilly lace detailing creating a sensual and romantic feel.

Handmade, Chantilly lace, bamboo silk, silk chiffon


3. Patrice

This Geometric chic dress is simply stunning. The harsh angles, that rise up towards the waist give the illusion of hight and the arm sleeves are a very unique detail. It is a brilliantly designed boho chic dress.


Chic and Crochet


4. Lenora

I do love a hard angles on a dress, and the ones on the Lenora dress are done with such class. Just like the above dress, the hard triangular lines rising from the waist give the illusion that the torso is long and slim. Instead of a traditional flow skirt, it has an elegant hip hugging long skirt with straight lines shooting straight up helping in making the bride look taller.

5. Juniper

This is the dress I ended up choosing for my own wedding. I instantly fell in love with this Rebecca Ingram design. With a V neck and V back line and shinny beaded lace top it couldn't be more prettier. It has a lacy top and a nice flow silk chiffon bottom. This dress made feel very happy, and I definitely lived my bridal fantasy in it.

Designer, Lace, Tulle, Silk, Silk Chiffon

Rebecca Ingram


I hope you have enjoyed these dress, and this post has helped steer you in some direction or inspire you as you are looking for your boho wedding dress.


+ Try the dress before you buy

+ if on a budget, check out my blog post

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