8 Alternatives to Wedding Albums

Updated: May 11, 2020

When I was planning my wedding, I made sure to get the opinion of some friends whom already had gone through the experience. The first thing I asked is 'Do you look at your Wedding Album'? The answer was a surprising, 'No'. This surprised me, and made me think about how I could enjoy my wedding photos after the big event. I ultimately still ended up designing a wedding album for myself, as a special keepsake since it is a very good way of organising your photos, however I looked into alternatives to a wedding album.

1. Print Box

Print Boxes present a more flexible way of printing sharing and storing your photos. Unlike an album, with a print box you can take photos off, and display them individually in the house, pass them around to family and reshuffle the order as you please. There is also something quite satisfying in appreciating each photo one by one, the authentic way.

2. Photo Wall

This is my favourite way of displaying photos. This is how we ended up displaying our wedding photos. By attaching multiple images to the wall, you have the opportunity to admire them on a daily basis. Also, many a times, I find myslelf bringing my attention to different photos on separate days. This way I am always reminded of that special day. Not only, we also added photos from our honey moon, and thus that wall is a reminder of a the new adventure we both embarked on together.

3. Greeting Cards

Greeting cards are great way to share your memories with friends and family. Come their Birthday, or as festive season, a photo greeting card makes the experience of gift giving even more personal. Not only that, have you every thought about printing greeting cards for yourself? They are perfect to display as they come with a natural stand.

4. Calendars

Calendars are great because each month you have the opportunity to admire a different photo, and in a year you would have had the opportunity to admire at least 12 photos, though there are calendars where you can print multiple images in one month.

5. Canvas, Tile and Framed Prints

I think more important than a photo album, is considering to get a canvas, or a framed large print to be hung at home. Realistically speaking you will not look at your album everyday, but you will not miss a large print in a main room. You won't regret it believe me.

Remember you could always go for a Photo Collage which will act just like an album, but better because it's always open for view.

7. Photo Shelves / Bars

Photo shelves are probably my second favourite method of displaying photos. When Printing, get your photos printed on a steady Fine Art paper, mounted or unmounted, then you can change and swap photos at will. This compliments nicely with a photo box, where you can have some photos on display every few months.

8. Fridge Magnets

Just like the Photo shelf above, this compliments the photo box just nicely. Every few months, just pick up some photos from your photo box and display them on your fridge.

The most important thing is that if you are going to invest your money into a wedding photographer, you want to make the most out of those photos. You want to appreciate it them to their potential. Think outside the box, or in this case 'album'.

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