7 Polaroids Display Ideas

Updated: May 7, 2020

Polaroids are there to be enjoyed, and one of their benefits is their small size. There is so much you can do with a Polaroid. These are my top 5 Ideas on how you can display a polaroid.

1. A Polaroid Wall

Check out this video by Emma Johansson, I absolutely love how she has created a wallpaper with her polaroid prints.

2. DIY Photo Hanger

This might be more for you crafty people out there, but I love how Lily Ardor has created a piece of wall art with this project. I do recommend using printed or Instax film for this project, and not Polaroid originals.

3. Photo Shelf

This Photo shelf is perfect for the minimalists, with an elegant way to display your photos. Especially if you have a mixture of Mounted, UnMounted Prints and Polaroids to display. The best thing about this is that you can interchange the photos as you please. If it was me, I would change my photos every 2 to 3months to have a fresh display.

Check it out on Gllu Store.

4. Individual Stands

These are Polaroid Original stands, colourful and built for purpose. What a fun way to display your prints.

Available here

5. Fairy Light Wall

A fairy light photo wall really gives a lovely mood to any room. You can get lights which come with clips, or you can purchase simple fairy lights and then clip small pegs to hold photos. You will be able to find a few varieties on amazon, eBay, and aliexpress or your local light shop.

6. Wire Frame

This might be might favourite one. It allows for absolute freedom, and your creativity is the limit.

Available here

7. Multiple Frame

Or what about this frame, where you can collect a number of polaroids in one place, elegantly and neatly.

Avaible here

That concludes my favourite ways of displaying polaroids, however there so many other options out there, all you need is some imagination and creativity.

Pro Tips

+ Polaroids and Instax have different dimensions. Most products out there are designed for Instax, so if you have Polaroid Originals, be sure you check your photos can fit.

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