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Putney, London | info@desireeanorth.com | 07477483212

What to expect

Smiles, Simplicity and a lifelong relationship with your photographer. Have Fun, Feel Relaxed, Enjoy your Day and Trust that I will be there to  capture each special moment as it comes along. 

My niche is 'Your Story'. I want to tell it the best possible way, from the time of your proposal, to your Wedding, to the time you are expecting and have developed a family of your own. This is why the best time to approach me is at the time of your engagement or proposal so that I can document your love story from the start. 

On a Wedding Day:

On my Wedding Day, I wanted nothing else than to feel loved, surrounded by my friends and family. So as a wedding photographer, that is exactly my approach. I will be there as a friend in the hopes that it makes the both of you and your guests feel relaxed whilst I blend in and document each moment as it unfolds. 

You also have put in a lot of work into planning your day, so I love to shoot the little details too, but untimely it is about you, so I do spend a fair bit of time with the both of you.  Wether you choose to go for first looks or a newly-weds shoot, this time is really  important for the both of you to bask in each other's presence on the day, be present in the moment and take it in. Family  is important too, so group shots are a possibility, though I do recommend to keep it to a minimum. 


Your ideas are crucial, so I am here devoid of ego to give you what you want. 

On an Engagement or Family Shoot

The reason why I also do Engagement and Family photography is because I would like to think that we would have developed a good trusting friendship allowing me to capture the entirety of your story and that's including your proposal, engagement to your family shoot, and hopefully we won't end there.    

During these sessions, I have a repertoire of different activities which I suggest and which are also tailored to your personalties. These activities are meant to help you feel relaxed and have fun so that I can capture authentic smiles and happy time. Again, I do listen to your ideas and am very open to any suggestions you might also have, I am here to give you what you want. 

Benefits of my style of work

YOU: Your vision is key, I will follow that and advise you accordingly

RELAX: You won't have to worry about anything. We would have talked about your vision, so then all you need to do is relax and trust art I will deliver that for you.  I will also help direct you in more "posey" candid shoots where required.  

FAST DELIVERY:  You will get your digital photos within 7 days for Engagements, Proposals and Family and 14days for Weddings. I only book a maximum of two weddings per week. That, coupled with an efficient work flow, allow me to deliver your photos faster than your average photographer. 

EASY SHARING:  From your online Album you can instantly share your photos on social media platforms, heart your favourites which will help you select your prints and download at ease. The album is also accessible to your family so they can enjoy and download the photos too. 

PRINTS: You can enjoy physical prints, despite not choosing to go for an Album. There are a set of vintage style prints included in every package. I am offering these as a complimentary gift to you, this is because I believe that photos are there to be looked at and after investing your money in a photographer you want the best return from that investment. What better way to get that return, than to have little photos scattered around the house. The benefit of vintage style photos is they can fit everywhere. In your wallet, on your fridge, little frames, on your walls. You can check out my Blog on different ways you can display them . 



(start of a new friendship)


Sign Contract


Pay 50% Deposit


Face to Face Consultation

(for weddings only)


Feel Relaxed & Enjoy your Day


 50% Remainder Due


Receive Online Album


Order Prints


I am a Couples Photographer specialising in Proposals, Engagements, Weddings, Maternity and Family. I am driven by the desire to tell a story - in particular 'YOUR' story.

I have been photographing since I was 3years old with my father also being a photographer, and grew up in the industry photographing first in film then shifted to digital. This gives me a very unique experience, which sets me apart from other photographers. 

I also went on to study art and dance, and hold a Masters in Contemporary Dance from the London Contemporary Dance School. This means that I have a keen eye for composition, aesthetics and movement. 

Throughout the years I have photographed different subjects, however after I got married, I was struck by the love bug and realised I the role photographs play to couples in love. 


My style is very candid, natural and romantic. 


I love shooting this way as I believing it is the best way to capture the spirit of any person or relationship.  


I do have a repertoire of activities to help direct your movements. Just get ready to move, run, jump, play, anything to help you have fun so I can capture an authentic smile. 

Each person owns over 2000 photos on their phones, and most of them get forgotten. So I also want to you to enjoy your photos.


This is why I shoot in Digital and Polaroid in tandem. Digital offers the opportunity of Candid photography in no other way analogue ever had. While with the addition of Polaroids, you get to enjoy your photo as a physical proof. 

book a 15mins phone consultation to discuss what you are looking for and how I can capture your story the way you want it.
Phone Consultation
15 min