Guide before an Engagement shoot



If you are reading this, Congratulations. You are just a few days from your Engagement Photo shoot.


Many of my engaged couples are never models and then might just feel slightly anxious or uncomfortable in front of the camera. If this is you, I hear you. I am camera shy myself, ironic, I know. This is why I adopt a candid style of photography, where I just capture you at your best. 


Getting Comfortable


Most of the time, you will be interacting with each other. This will allow me to capture your true authentic selves. Feel free to do everything you would do when you’re together.  


You won’t need to worry about posing, just be you. 


I have a repertoire of fun activities that will get you moving, running, jumping…and of course, snuggling  🥰  


We want to capture your love at its best, and for this reason, we do want you to be on your best mood.   Get romantic and do something special for each other the night before or that same morning.  Maybe get a flower for each other, organise a nice surprise breakfast, or prepare a calming bath the night before, write a poem, serenade each other anything to get you in a happy mood.  Ok maybe the last two ideas are a little overboard….but believe me it works. 


Get any props or mementos of your love that you want to feature in the shoot.  Remember to get your engagement ring/s   💍





Remember that we are capturing your love, and these photos are not going on the cover of Vouge magazine. There is no need to buy the fanciest dress, or a luxurious tux. 


Keep it simple.  Usually a smart causal option is the best.  Ladies, word to the wise, avoid short  / tight skirts and stiletto heels, especially if your session will be outdoors. You will get tired, you won’t be able to move freely and you’ll be more worried about your attire than the actually being in the moment to enjoy the experience.   Jeans and a pair of boots are always a great option for the both of you.   


Be You.  If you are into cosplay and want to dress up as John Snow and Danny from Game of Thrones, and that is YOU, then be my guest. I am up for it.  Just be you. 


Colours. Usually plain block colours work best. Try to avoid patterns where possible, if you do want patterns, keep it to one item of clothing and complement the rest with block colours. Earthy colours do work nicely, including touches of white and black. Bold Bright colours might not be sensible, as they might be so loud they will detract focus from your emotions. 



Get Creative. 


Same-sees: If you want your photos to be unique or have personality, choose to wear something the same to show how united you are. 


Signs & Props:  Signs and Props can be quite fun to work with. You can embark on a DIY project or you can get them ordered. Props give you something to interact with and allow you to goof around and have some banter. 


Pets: Do you have a special fur-baby? Bring them along. They are a part of your relationship so why not get them involved. Bring in some toys for them as well. It’s all about having fun! I, the photographer, cannot capture FUN, if there is no FUN! 


Get inspired. 


Take to Pinterest and Instagram and search for inspirational ideas. It is not everyday that you will be taking photos with your loved one and so quite naturally couples might feel a  little uncomfortable to start out with.   Having a board of ideas will help prepare your mind by capturing all that visual information and in turn you will feel more relaxed, as your mind will have a reference point during the shoot. 


If you do have a Pinterest board, then it is also great to share that with me, your photographer,  as early as possible so that even I have a reference point. 





During an outdoor shoot, the last thing you want is to be carrying loads of bags. It is crucial that you prepare yourself beforehand so that you won’t need to carry too much stuff with you. 


Ultimately you will want to carry with you just the bare essentials like your wallet, keys, water and maybe a power bar. 




The day would have started on a positive note, so end it on the same note. Leave the time after the shoot just for yourselves. Bask in each other’s presence, maybe stay for a packed picnic in the park, or go for dinner afterwards. When you go home, stay away from distractions, no phones, or TVs. Just send time with each other and enjoy your day together. 

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