because Extraordinary Moments deserve Extraordinary Photos! 

A very common question is how much should you spend on a wedding photographer? 

The answer can be found by asking yourself this question. 


What do those memories mean to you?  More importantly, what would it mean to you if you got your wedding photos wrong? 

Let's say you hire a photographer on a tight budget, we both know that if the photos exceed your expectations then you would have found yourself a bargain. 


If it's less than you had hoped for, then it would feel like you had not only wasted money but also you would have lost those memories forever. 

So you tell me what results YOU want and how precious are those memories for you. 

If you VALUE your memories, and you VALUE skill, artistry and ability to direct you in natural poses, then this is my bench mark and this is what I will deliver to you.  

The value of my work sits around 1500 to 4000 and that's for me to dedicate the resources I need so I can do this for you. 

Let me show you how. 


 I only take a limited number of bookings per month. This means that I can dedicate more attention and care to every individual couple and their photos. I do not have a second job, this is my main profession, which means that my sole focus is to better serve my couples.




We all know that technology can fail us, this is why  on weddings I have a spare camera body just in case.  Not only that,  but because I know that the corruption of an SD cards is a very plausible reality, I capture your wedding day on TWO memory cards simultaneously.  This means that if one gets corrupted, your photos are NOT lost.



I spend an extensive amount of time and resources to keep my skills up to date with workshops and course.  Giving you a highly skilled photographer who is in tune with the ever changing technological advances. 


Like memory cards, computers and hard drives can fail.  This is why I store your photos in 3 separate drives until the point that the photos are delivered to you.  After this point they will be stored on an online gallery and one drive. 



by the Greater London Enterprise Awards

What People Say

"Absolutely over the moon with Desiree and her photos! Quickly, easy and reliable communication, she helped ease some worries and provided solutions when I was faced with issues that I thought may affect photos. She has been wonderful!  Professional, friendly ... captured all the important parts of the wedding; our new rings... it was perfect... She’s been fantastic"

find camera confidence.jpg

I've found that most couples experience this, some more than other. If you are camera shy, I've got your back.


My natural photography style means that I document honest, natural moments between you and your loved ones.  

However being put in front of the camera can stop that natural flow, so this is why I will help direct you during prep, group shots and couples portraits with prompt and activities eliciting those natural emotions. 

All with the aim to help you feel super CONFIDENT & capture you all at your BEST.  


Want to learn more?


Download my complimentary guide to take a sneak peak into how I help direct my couples during

🌿  Engagement shoots & Couples portraits

🌿  Preparations &

🌿  Group shots


Plus BONUS Top 3 Tips to help you find camera confidence during those timeless elegant bridal portraits. 



It is truly important that I work with the right couples, and because of this I do not take every wedding that I'm approached by.

You deserve the absolute best! That is why it is so important that we make sure I am the right choice for you. 

Please fill out the form for more information. I'll respond within the next 24hours to set up a time to talk and share with you everything you need for planning your wedding day.