I've been there, and have personally experienced the struggles at my own wedding. You just want to relax and enjoy your day however you know that without photos you will forget those special moments. I also know the pain of being in front of the camera, in being camera shy myself (I know ironic).  


This is I have adopted a candid natural style of photography so that the whole process is comfortable for you and your guests. And in being an ex-contemporary dancer, I can ninja my way through any space,  you won't even notice I'm there. 

Family is important to you, and I understand the importance of group shots, and by using a mixture of traditional with candid, we will make sure to get everyone you want in there. Though I do recommend to keep these shots to a minimum. 

Of course, let us not forget about you TWO.   The day will be going by so quickly, and everyone will want a piece of you.   Spending a short time on a newlyweds shoots is really important in my opinion. This time is just for YOU! You will take that moment to bask in each other's presence and embrace.  You won't need to do much else, apart from just be you and enjoy each other's presence. I will do the rest.


Now I'm pretty much up open for all your quirky ideas, Do you Want Smoke Bombs? Fly away on a hot air ballon?  Skydive? Climb a Mountain?  or organise a game of Quidditch?  Your ideas are crucial, so I am here devoid of ego to give you what you want. 


An Engagement shoot, for me, is all about celebrating your love and your life outside of the wedding day. 

It's a representation of your experiances as a couple. 

That's why I like to keep it very natural, taking the time to learn about you and your love story and so that I can capture that on camera. 

If you are camera shy, don't worry, as I have a repertoire of activities to get you moving and engaging naturally, eliciting real happy emotions. 


Proposals can be quite daunting, I know, I 've been there (I proposed to my now husband). 

That's why you will have my full support.  We will take the time to plan your chosen spot, and discretely communicate up until your proposal.  

On the day, I will be there hiding in plain sight ready to capture that very unique moment when they say 'YES' ! 

Afterward, you'll both be brimming with excitement, so it's the best time to take a few shots to celebrate your engagement.  As I also know you will be dying to tell your friends and family, I deliver your photos within 24hours as well as give you 2x instant print photos to take home with you right away. 


You're Expecting?  That's wonderful news! 

How heart warming will it be when you reminiscent upon this time when you're older and your kiddies are all grown up. 

It's such a wondrous time to capture, Mum your skin is at the peak of it's beauty with that radiant glow. 

But being Pregnant is not just a celebration of femininity, it's also a celebration of the culmination of the love you both share. So why not continue to immortalise this special time in your lives? 


Children grow so quickly, don't they? 

It is special to have memories of them to look back upon after they fly the nest. 

I aim to allow you be the family you are, by help directing you with the fun activities you do naturally.  

Let's Play and have FUN! ' 

Why Work With Me


 Your vision is key, I will follow that and advise you accordingly. So much so that before I start editing, I send you a proof for revision to make sure you will be happy with the final work. 



 Relax and Enjoy your day. We would have talked about your vision, carefully drafting a shot list together to make sure I don't miss anything important to YOU! By adopting a candid style of photography I will NINJA my way through capturing all those CANDID moments. The only time I will butt in to help direct you is during the group shots and the newly weds shoot, keeping everything very RELAXED and natural. 


I can send you, your friends and family a link to your online album where instantly you will be able to share on social media platforms, download and create favourite lists. You will also be able to order prints in a wide range of formats, from classic prints to frames. You will receive a 20% discount on all prints ordered within the first two weeks.  I have also developed a ONE STOP SHOP full of creative unique ideas for you to shop, display and enjoy your Wedding Photos (and impress your friends with how cool you are).  And it does not end there...I'm here to build a lifelong relationship with you, because let's face it, who wants to go through the trouble of searching for a photographer all over again. So I will be here to photograph your maternity, births and family when you need me. 


 A higher price point means that I can take on less assignments and dedicate more time to meticulously edit your photos and deliver high quality photos in a faster time. 


 Whether you're booking me for an engagement shoot or a Wedding, we're going to have a A FREAKINN' GOOD TIME together.  On top of that I offer guest engaging PHOTO BOOTH, 35mm Camera and INSTANT PRINT camera rentals, because getting a Pro Photographer is Cool, but getting your Guests to be part of your wedding photography collection is even COOLER!  These photos in tandem with your PRO Wedding photos will make for FABULOUS & MEMORABLE photographic collection. 

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