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Scrapbooks are great alternative to traditional albums, and I feel they make you appreciate those memories more as you are creating it.  Scrapbooks are the perfect blank canvas for you to leave your own creative mark on your wedding photos.  Here are my favourite resources, especially selected for you. 




Step 1: Find the right scrapbook for you

Washi Tape & Coloured Pens

Step 2: Find your favourite supplies to zazz it up.  


Step 3: Grab a cup of coffee, maybe even ask your spouse, friends or family to join in. Scrapbooking can be quite fun.  

traditional albums.png

Pro Tip

Don't be precious with your photos. Have FUN, Experiment and Be YOU!  

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Why only stick to one surface, when you can put your photos EVERYWHERE! 

Check out these handmade fridge magnet options from

Fridge Magnets


Do you fancy something more structured but still retaining that COOL VIBE. 



LOVE LOVE LOVE, absolutely LOVE these hangers. It is somewhere between a photo wall and a photo frame. Simply COOLER!


This for me was the ultimate revelation. I love changing things up and this lets you do just that. Similar to a photo wall, it allows you to mix and match photos of all sizes, but not just that. You can add pretty much anything to it, calendar, birthday cards etc... Simply SUPER!

Photo Bar


Stands are cooler versions of frames. Instead securing your photo in a frame which you will seldom change, a stand is a little bit more versatile. They generally tend to be smaller and this means they can fit in more places. 



Fairy Light Photo Walls are a great way to display multiple photos.  My husband and I have a photo wall with all of our adventures; our travels, our beloved two fluffy cats, and of course pictures from our wedding and honeymoon.  We absolutely LOVE IT!  

Fairy Light Photo Wall 

Ready Made

Check out these ready made fairy lights complete with Pegs.

Make Your Own 

Maybe you have a string of lights already, or maybe you want a longer line of lights.  You can turn this into a fairy light photo wall by getting separate pegs. They come in all different shapes and sizes. 

Pro Tips

Of course you will need to attach the fairy lights to the walls.  Command hooks are great if you do not want to damage your walls. I love them because you can change the configuration of your wall anytime you want without permanent damage to your walls. Great if you are in a rental situation.   

An alternative to using fairy lights, is to use simple string, which is cheaper and can provide more flexibility when it comes to configurations as you can cut string where you please as opposed to the wired light string. 

Photo Walls are an other great way to display multiple photos.  This option is great if you want a MINIMALIST LOOK, as there is no extra fluff.  The only limitation is your creativity.  All you need to achieve this look is a non lasting marking type of adhesive, and the rest is only limited by your imagination.  Check out these Ideas below for some inspiration. 

Photo Wall 


Recommended Adhesives

Disclaimer: Even if these products advertise to leave no residue / marks each brand and surface is different.  I would recommend doing a test patch on your surface away from slight.  If you find that the adhesive is peeling off wall paint, or suspect it will,  try to remove it by gently heating it up.  This will soften the glue and will allow for better removal. Having said that, do follow each brand's instructions. Youtube has also a lot of helpful tips on any one of these products.  Desiree A. North Photography does not take any responsibility for any damages to surfaces . 


By traditional album, I do mean TRADITIONAL. The old school way, where you had to attach each photo one by one.  My father was a Wedding Photographer, and this was how he delivered photos back in the day.  I must have spent hours in my early years, assisting him planning and stick photos. I absolutely LOVED IT! Making an album this way planning and sticking is a great experience to have with your spouse.   For this type of Album, I do recommend you think about your photo layout before ordering prints.  Order a few 6x4, 5x7, and one or two larger ones depending on the size of your album. 

Traditional Albums


Album Choices

Step 1: Find the right Album for you

Photo Corners  or Double Sided Photo Tape

Step 2: Find your adhesive. Photo corners will give you some flexibility if you wanted to change the order of your photos (but I find this is seldom the case).  Corners give you also a nice vintage touch. My favourite are still double sided photo tape, they require some pre planning, but I would recommend this anyway if you are going for a traditional album. So ultimately it is a matter of choice. 

Create - Layout Ideas

Step 3: Grab a cup of coffee, maybe even ask your spouse, friends or family to join in. Start Creating.   Check out my Pinterest Board for some inspirational ideas. Some of the layouts on the board are for contemporary printed albums, however it can help inspire you in designing your own layout. 

Pro Tip

Plan your layout before ordering prints. Go for more traditional sizes like 6"x4" and maybe a couple of larger sized ones. Make sure the sizes will fit your album, allowing some room around the edges of the paper to frame your photo nicely.   Also most traditional albums will come with a transparent non stick sheeting. If your album does not come with this, then consider getting your photos in a Matte finish so that the photos won't stick together,  

Check Out ScrapBook for more recourses 

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