6 Alternative Wedding Ideas

Candy Station

Everyone Loves Candy


Candy Pick and Mix style stations will be a favourite with most guests.


They are sweet, yummy and colourful.


Just grab a table, layover a nice white or pastel colour table cover.  Buy some fun Candy containers, and candy bags.  If you think ahead of time, Aliexpress or ebay are a great source to buy these from.  Then bulk buy all kinds of different candy, like marshmallow, unicorn candy, gummy bears, etc... You might find great deals from eBay.


The more colour and variety the better.


Polaroids or Fuji Instax provide a fun way for your guests to take photos and print them instantly.


You can have a wall with fairy light clips, or a pin board where your guests can print, sign and hang their photos from the night.


It is a fun way to get your guests involved in your wedding photos, and believe me they will present an alternative view points compared to your pro photographers' photos.


Think of getting one to three instant cameras, and leave a station or table at your wedding for these to be discovered and played with.


Polaroid One Step  or the Fujifilm Instax Wide 300




Buying the Camera

Polaroid One Step  £130

Fujufilm Instax Wide 300  £100


Buying the Film

Polaroid I-type  £18 for 8 sheets

Fujifilm Instax Wide £17 for 20 sheets


Other Options

Buy second hand cameras, or Rent them out if you are only going to use them once.



Do not use, vintage polaroids cameras like the SX70 at weddings. They require understanding and technique which is tricky to grasp in normal situations. Best to be avoided.

Film Cameras

Single Use Cameras are rising in popularity, especially as an alternative to phone photography at parties and events.


If you have a hipster or vintage theme to your wedding then film cameras will be a great additon to your Wedding party.


The beauty of film cameras offer curiosity and anticipation, in a world of instant gratification.


It will leave you and your guests wondering and yeasrning to see your photos while your film gets developed.


Like the Polaroids mentioned above, they will give your guests a sense that they are part of the creation process contributing to your wedding photography. Plus they are great fun and easy to use.


Kodak  starting from £10

Fujifilm starting from £15

Lomo Chrome starting from £22  (my favourite)



  • A Film of 400 iso or higher, these will perform better in low lightA film with more exposures (24 to 39) Cost of development starts from £13 per camera



Stay away from the cheapest option.  This won't give you a good quality film and your photos won't come out as good, if at all. Yes it is a possibility that none of your photos come out.



Eco Conscious? I offer a rental service of recycled and reusable cameras. I collect them at the end of the evening, I develop the film myself and recycle the camera, saving the you time and effort and the world from more plastic waste.

Wedding Photo Booth

oto booths are all about the ultimate fun experience for your guests.


Its all about giving them the opportunity to be silly , and play around with an instant gratification of a print.


Photo booths come in all shapes and sizes.


If you are having a DIY Wedding, you can make your own with a simple ipad, a ring light and a crafty hand in making props.  You can also buy props from your local crafts, or party store.


Otherwise there are many companies out there who hire photo booths.


  • Make your OwnHire a Photo boothGo Large with a CamperVan Photo Booth



  • Have an operator or supervisorDo you want to offer instant prints or just digital?


o you have spontanous guests, vocal powerhouses, or just plain jolly personalities as your Wedding party?


Then they will love a Karaoke segment added to the day.  If you are having a DJ or a wedding planner, talk to them and they will be able to organise this for you.


Ultimately what is a Wedding Party without a little bit of fun and banter.


  • Organise it through your Wedding Planner or DJMake a video playlist on youtube and speak to your venue in setting up a projector and mic.



  • Not everyone likes KaraokeHave other people organise it for you, bridesmaid, planner, venue manager, DJ

Smoke, Sparkles & Firework

Bring the spectacular element to your Wedding with adding any one of these features.


Fireworks are always a crowd pleaser and an amazing ending to the day. Just make sure you find a licensed supplier and have a risk managment plan in place.


Smoke bombs can make for amazing photographs and can be used in groups shots or for the leaving party.  Smoke bomb can get very hot, so make sure your guests read the instructions and handle them with care.

parklers make for an amazing leaving party shot, and it is a nice joyful celebration to the end of the day. The best bit is that they are relatively cheap and safer to operate compared to the previous options.  Again, read the instructions and handle with care.



Find a local licensed supplier



There might be legislation in place rohibitiing the use of such elements. In the UK, they can only be used on private land with the permission of the landowner.If you are making use of smoke bomb and fireworks, consider informing your local police and fire-brigade with what you are planning, when and where just in case they get any alarm calls they know how to handle them.

Photos by: Desiree A. North, Steven Aguilar, Zuza Galczynska, Wout Vanacker, Victor Duenas Teixeira, Alberico Bartoccini, Carly Rae Hobbins, Analia Baggiano, Pineapple Supply Co